Enterprise & Private Label

Enterprise Solution

ZipBridge is traditionally sold on a per account basis, but if your company has a need for a large number of accounts, we would be happy to discuss alternate ways to package the solution to fit your needs.

With the Enterprise service, everyone who makes conference calls can have their own private ZipBridge account and usage is shared.  If your company is really large, we can private label the service (see below) so it looks like your own in-house conference calling solution.  Contact us for more information.

Private Label / Platform Solution

Many companies could benefit from having on-demand, instant outbound conference calling as part of their existing service offering.  If you think our service platform would be a good complement to what you already provide, please contact us to discuss a private label and/or Platform as a Service (PaaS) implementation of ZipBridge.  All the same great features – and more – that will look like your very own branded service.